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The CCRA-L2 is a professional certification exam designed for credit analysts who want to advance their knowledge and skills in the field of credit research. This exam is administered by the Association of Certified Credit Research Analysts (ACCRA) and is the second level of certification in the CCRA program.
The CCRA-L2 exam covers advanced topics related to credit research, such as credit risk analysis, financial statement analysis, industry analysis, and macroeconomic analysis.
The CCRA-L2 certification demonstrates that the holder has a deep understanding of the principles and practices of credit research and is able to apply that knowledge in a variety of settings. It is highly regarded by employers in the financial services industry, including banks, asset management firms, and credit rating agencies.
Candidates who pass the CCRA-L2 exam are awarded the CCRA-L2 designation, which is recognized globally as a mark of excellence in credit research. This designation can help individuals advance their careers in credit research and can open up new job opportunities in the financial services industry.