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Edition: 3.0

The AZ-500 Exam is a certification exam designed for those who want to demonstrate their skills in implementing security controls and managing security on Microsoft Azure. This exam measures the ability of candidates to secure and manage Azure services and infrastructure, as well as implement security solutions for hybrid and cloud environments.
The AZ-500 exam covers various security-related topics, such as identity and access management, platform protection, data and application protection, and network security. The exam also evaluates the candidate's ability to monitor and respond to security incidents, as well as manage compliance and governance.
To pass the AZ-500 exam, candidates must demonstrate their knowledge and skills in designing and implementing security solutions using Azure services, as well as their ability to identify and mitigate security threats and vulnerabilities. They must also show proficiency in configuring security policies and procedures, managing access to resources, and using security tools to monitor and analyze security events.
AZ-500 exam is ideal for security professionals, Azure architects, and IT professionals who want to validate their security skills and demonstrate their expertise in securing Azure environments.